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Your Advance Directive always on your wrist.

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rescue-iD explained in 4 steps

In four steps, we show you how you can make more of your Advance Directive with the help of rescue-iD.


Your current Advance Directive

Your current Advance Directive retains its legal validity and will not be replaced by a new version.

What does rescue-iD offer you?

You can also store your Advance Directive online. This significantly expands your options for communicating your medical wishes to emergency doctors and first responders.



You buy personalised QR code products from us and also store your Advance Directive on our secure server.

If the first aider cannot find your wallet or Advance Directive in an emergency, they will notice the bracelet or necklace you have purchased from us and scan the QR code on it.
They will immediately be redirected to your Advance Directive and see further medical data.



You choose either the subscription model or the one-off purchase of our online application to store your data on our server. If you select a QR code product in the shop, you can find out more about it.

Once you have received your QR code product, you can store your Advance Directive online. You can also enter other important medical data such as previous illnesses, allergies or implants. You can decide for yourself what you want to enter and what not. You can change your settings at any time.


Why did we develop rescue-iD?

We have realised that we don't always carry the Advance Directive on our person, e.g. when driving. If it's in your wallet, where is it after an accident? Do first responders have time to look for it? Even when doing sport, you don't always have your wallet with you.

That's how the idea for rescue-iD came about. We asked emergency services whether a QR code product would be scanned in an emergency. The answer was always yes, even if there is no guarantee that everyone will. rescue-iD offers the opportunity to tell first responders and doctors your medical needs in an emergency. And it gives you a good feeling to always have something on your person.

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Where do you keep your Advance Directive?

Make a statement to the doctor or first aider and wear your Advance Directive on your body. The best chance of a doctor finding out about your treatment wishes is if you wear something on your body. If you don't want to wear a neck pouch, we offer you an alternative with our bracelets, pendants, necklaces and stickers. You can find out how this works here on our website.

What are the advantages of filing your Advance Directive online with the help of rescue-iD?

rescue-iD offers you a simple and secure way to store important medical information and wishes so that they can be retrieved immediately in an emergency by scanning a personalized QR code or entering a personalized PIN. With rescue-iD, you can manage your Advance Directives and medical information conveniently from any internet-enabled device.

Your data is stored securely on our protected servers. In addition, rescue-iD offers you an emergency contact function that allows you to name important people who will be notified by email and text message in the event of a medical emergency. This enables fast and effective communication in critical situations.

Easy access thanks to QR code

In an emergency, medical staff or the emergency services can scan the QR code and have immediate access to the Advance Directive and important medical information such as pre-existing conditions, allergies or special instructions.

Notification of emergency contacts when the QR code is scanned

The online Advance Directive can also include emergency contacts who should be notified if necessary. This enables faster and more effective communication in emergency situations.

Easy updating of your data

You can update and adjust your data at any time. Changes can be made quickly and easily. Only you have access.

Watch the video or log in to Max to see how your Advance Directive and data are displayed.

Make more of your Advance Directive!

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